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CIRT is a Wounded Warrior Facility.  However we do not limit to just Wounded Veterans after 9/11/2001,  we serves all Wounded Veterans.

We are currently seeking donations for our Wounded Warriors Programs so Veterans may recieve CIRT's therapeutic riding benefits for free!!!

If you are interested in participating as a rider, volunteer or donor please contact us at 309.699.3710 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Information below provided by PATH Intl. Website.  http://www.pathintl.org/component/content/article/28-general/593-wwp-faqs

Who Qualifies to Be a Warrior Participant?

To qualify and be approved as a WWP Alumni, a U.S. service member needs to have sustained a service-connected injury, illness or wound in mind or body co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2001.

Can a Current PATH International Equine Services for Heroes Participant Register to Become a WWP Alumni?

If a PATH International Equine Services for Heroes participant at your center has not previously signed up with WWP, encourage him or her to register on the WWP Alumni registration page on the WWP website.

A copy of their documentation of service (DD 214, VA Award Letter, Line of Duty [LOD] documentation, or current unit orders if on active duty) must be emailed to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it at WWP. Shauna will confirm with PATH International and the center once the individual is an approved WWP Alumnus. Once WWP Alumni status is confirmed, the center may start its standard assessment process. Contact Shauna with any questions.

How Can My Center Recruit New Warrior Participants?

Centers are encouraged to recruit participants. Reach out to your local VA, VFW or other veterans service organizations. The warriors recruited for this program by a center will have to fill the WWP alumni requirement and be approved before start.

WWP will send your center a program flyer that can be customized with your information to recruit alumni for the program.

How Does My Center Receive Scholarship Payments?

Email, fax or mail the completed attendance form to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :
Fax: (303) 252-4610
Mail: PATH International, Attn: Corey Campbell, PO Box 33150, Denver, CO 80233

What Is the Process for the Mandatory Survey?

Every warrior must complete an online survey prior to the completion of their 10 lessons. Your center can administer the survey anytime between the third and the tenth lesson. You will be reimbursed by WWP for the last lesson when WWP receives the survey. Here are the steps,

  1. When the warrior has finished the lesson, have him or her access the survey on a computer, laptop or iPad.
  2. Have the warrior complete the survey. The warrior should type PATH for the name of the event, and press submit. It will go directly to WWP.

Note: This survey link will expire March 31, 2013. Participating centers will be given a new link after March 31, 2013.

How Should My Center Handle Missed Lessons?

There are many reasons a warrior may set up a lesson at your center and then miss it. Some may have traumatic brain injuries and suffer from short term memory loss; some may have severe anxiety from PTSD. They are often excited about attending but might fail to make arrangements to help them remember their appointments. Some might also experience heightened anxiety just before their appointment and stay home instead. The PATH International Certified Professional may want to work with the warrior on developing reminder skills as a way to ensure that lessons are attended as well as to build the warrior’s self-confidence.

WWP has established the following guidelines for missed lessons:

First missed lesson: Email Shauna Smith at WWP. Shauna will help assess the situation and provide insight about the Warrior, who missed his or her scheduled lesson.

Second missed lesson: Email Shauna Smith at WWP. She will assess the situation and if necessary will inform the warrior that he or she will be put on an all WWP activity hold if a third lesson is missed.

Third missed lesson: The warrior forfeits his or her rights to receive services. Your center will be reimbursed by WWP for the missed lessons. WWP can reimburse the center for up to three missed lessons, after efforts have been made to prevent them. After that, it is up to the center’s discretion to serve the warrior or not, but further lessons will not be reimbursed by the WWP grant.