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·         Group classes last one hour, with a maximum of four riders.  Semi-private classes last ½ hour, with a maximum of two riders.  In addition to the instructor, there may be up to three volunteers per rider.  CIRT attempts to include riders with similar abilities and experiences. 

·         Horsemanship starts on the ground.  Grooming, tacking, mounting, dismounting, and show presentations are equally important as riding.  Time will be spent learning each of these skills in addition to horseback riding.  This time is included in the class time. 

·         Mounting and dismounting may take up to twenty minutes in each one hour class and up to ten minutes in each ½ hour class due to the special needs of our riders. 

·         If you miss or cancel a class, you must still pay for it.  If CIRT cancels a class, you will receive a credit in the next session or a refund if you are no longer riding.   

·         Lessons will be cancelled due to temperature extremes (20 degrees wind chill or 91 degrees heat index), high winds, tornado warnings, lightning, or thunder.  If there is any question as to whether CIRT is closed due to the weather, please call the office. 


·         Riders should arrive 5-10 minutes prior to lesson time in order to get their helmet on, check in with the instructor, use the restroom if necessary, etc.  

·         A parent or guardian is required to remain on the CIRT property during lessons.   No rider drop-offs are permitted. 

·         Riders are required to wear long pants, helmets, and closed-toe shoes. Riding helmets must be worn and are provided. 

·         Riders will not chew gum.


·         Young siblings or friends are welcome so long as they are under the supervision of an adult. Running, yelling, climbing, etc. is prohibited, as it can be detrimental to the safety and quality of the lessons.