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Job Description





Side Walker (minimum age 14)

1 evening per week

1. Be able to walk 60 minutes.

2. Be able to jog short distances.

3. Be able to hold arm above shoulder height and support modest weight.

4.Do not have a fear of horses.

Walk beside horse and support student as needed.

No horse experience necessary.

3. Horse Leader (minimum age 14)

1 evening per week

1.Be able to walk 60 minutes.

2. Be able to jog short distances.

3. Some horse experience needed.

Lead horse and keep him under control at all times.

Educational Aide

1 evening per week

1.Enjoy working with children,

2. Patience.

Assist instructor, Guide students through workbooks, games, and other learning activities.

Play Area Supervisor

1 evening per week 6 week minimum

1.Enjoy working with children.

2. Patience.

3. Be able to keep order and enforce rules in the play arena.

Supervise students not riding at that time and siblings of students who come but do not ride in the program.

Office Worker

own time

day or evening

1.Have telephone skills.

2.Receive payments and give receipts.

3.Work on special projects.

Answer telephone and take messages.

Accept monies and give receipts for class fees, donations, candy sales. Help with mailings, displays, trophies, etc.

Bam Assistant

1 day or evening per week / 2-3 hours

1. Handle horses.

2. Scoop and bag manure.

Help to clean stalls and turn out horses. Clean feeders, salt holders, and waterers.


own time

1. Artistic ability.

Supply artwork as needed for the educational program and create designs for note cards, T-shirts, etc

Aide to Parent Coordinator

Own time

1. Be able to communicate clearly.

Make telephone calls to parents of students informing them of upcoming events and needs.

Aide to Volunteer Coordinator

Own time

1. Be able to communicate clearly.

Make telephone calls to volunteers informing them of anything the Volunteer Coordinator deems necessary.

Newsletter Worker

Own time

1. Newspaper or newsletter experience, journalism classes and layout experience helpful.

Edit, do p age layout, proofread, write, copy, etc. May do some computer work for print. Sort pages and bundle for mailing.

Donor-Bake Sale and Garage Sale Items

Own time

1. Be able to bake things for the concession stands or have items to donate for the garage sale.

Donate baked goods for fundraisers sum as our show concession and tack sale

Show Entry Worker

May CIRT Show

1.Write or print neatly.

2. Patience

Help take entries at our Annual Horse Show. Collect money, make change, fill out entry sheets.


May CIRT Show, other concessions

1.Serve food.

2. Collect money.

Work at shows in concession serving food. Help set up and tear down concession stand.

Garage Sale and Tack Sale

Before, during, or after sale

1.Price items. OR

2. Work day of sale.

3.Box up unsold items.

Help set up for a garage sale. Watch, arrange, and collect money. Clean-up after sale and put things in order.