Sporting Clay Shoot

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We would like to Thank CEFCU for sponsoring for our 2020 Sporting Clay Shoot.
We had a great turn out of shooters and had a wonderful time. Thank you to all the shooters, volunteers and Oakridge Sportsmans Club for hosting.
Our top 10 shooters were:
Tie for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd with 90 shots out of 100:
-Joe Stokes
-Terry Binder
-Chris Phelps
4th place with 88 shots out of 100:
-Mike Herring
Tie for 5th, 6th, and 7th place with 87 shots out of 100:
-Joe Sweigert
-Dick Hohulin
-Chris Herring
8th place with 86 shots out of 100:
-Caleb Johnson
9th place with 85 shots out of 100:
-Jim Wetherington
10th place with 84 shots out of 100:
Dan Martin
Our Top 6 teams:
1st place with a team average of 82.25:
Mike Herring, Gabe Carter, Joe Privett, and Chris Herring
2nd place with a team average of 80:
Joe Stokes, Terry Binder, John Roloff, Joe Sweigert, and Elliot Kammie.
3rd place with a team average of 77.5:
Dick Hohulin, Steve Schmidgall, Roger Spangle, and Chris Phelps.
4th place with a team average of 73:
Matthew Sutton, Roger Stetzler, Dale Genoweth, and Brandon Stetzler
5th place with a team average of 71.75:
Caleb Johnson, Robin Shelton, John Rediger, and Mike Rediger
6th place with a team average of 66.4:
Ike Bush, Mike Bush, Eric Glaser, Jim Wetherington, and Jenna Walker.
Winner of the Gun Raffle: Donnie Angles