Rider Questions

How old do you have to be to start?   Riders must be at least 4 years old or order.    

Do you have to wear long pants?  Yes

Do you have to wear boots? No, tennis shoes are fine (must be closed toe and heal).  Our saddles are all equip with safety stirrups.  

How long are classes? Most classes are a half hour.  

Cost? Rider Registration Fee to sign up is $30, each class is $25.

Is financial assistant available? Yes, all you have to do is ask for the form or click here for it.  

Is there a weight or height restriction? Call for more details.  309.699.3710

Do we riding US Veterans?  Yes, we have no age restrictions for our Veterans and the ride for free.  Thank you for your service.  

Eligibility of Participants

 CIRT's right to refuse participation in the program includes, but is not limited to, the following reasons:

  • Age: i.e. under 4 years old
  • Contraindication
  • Creates an unsafe or unhealthy situation for the participant, staff, team of trained volunteers and/or horse.
    • Behavior
    • Height
    • Weight: 300 lbs or more
    • Medical conditions
    • Criminal record or conviction of a felony for
      • stealing
      • violence
      • sexual offence 

Should the participant become ineligible they will be discharge by the following means.

  • A written letter explaining why and if they will be eligible in the future.
  • A meeting will be arranged if requested.